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History in Colombia

Gas Natural History in Colombia

In Colombia the development of the natural gas industry is recent. Although from the 50 sporadic and isolated from the fuel uses were made, was in the mid-70s when he began his real development thanks to the gas discovered in the Guajira and became operational in 1977.

After a long period of low growth, in 1986 the " gas for change ", which broadened gas consumption in cities ., perform domestic interconnection and making new discoveries

In 1993 the Government decided that Ecopetrol lead the domestic interconnection, for which two years later began the connections between the main deposits and consumption centers through the construction of over 2,000 km of pipelines that pass by the Department of La Guajira, central and southwest of the country and the eastern plains.

in order to facilitate access of natural gas to the needy socioeconomic strata, in 1997 the Solidarity Fund and Income Redistribution was created. That same year the activity of gas transmission split Ecopetrol and the Empresa Colombiana de Gas (ECOGAS) was fhistory in Colombiaormed, which later became the Gas Transportation Interior ( TGI SAESP ) when the Bogotá Power Company ( BSE ) bought his majority stake in 2006.

Between 1997 and 1998 grants exclusive areas of gas distribution were granted to extend service coverage in the departments of Quindio, Caldas, Risaralda, Valle and Tolima.

the Government, interested in promoting the development of this energy throughout the country and of expanding its use, established in 2003 the " Strategies for revitalization and consolidation of natural gas in Colombia ", where some strategies and recommendations were made to achieve this goal.

A year later did the same to popularize the Natural gas Vehicles and ordered to offer terms special economic ( especially discounts and bonuses ) to benefit those who use this fuel

In 2007 Ecopetrol, PDVSA ( Venezuelan oil ) and Chevron signed a contract by which they determined the conditions for purchase and sale of natural gas between Colombia and Venezuela over the next 20 years .