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Structure of the sector

For the sector in order to function and develop in the best possible way, a scheme was established involving organizations that produce energy, the ones that transport it, the ones that sell it, the ones that coordinated all of the above, the establishing general policies, those making the rules to deliver good quality products at a reasonable price and those that monitor all meet existing standards.

The National Government is ordered to designing the policies of the sector, through The Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The Committee on Energy and Gas Regulation (CREG) is responsible for regulating, through legal norms, the behavior of users and companies with the objective of ensuring the providing of public services in terms of economic efficiency with adequate coverage and service quality.

It consists of users who are classified as regulated and unregulated, and agents.

Natural or legal person whose consumption is less than 100 thousand cubic feet per day (ft3d) or its equivalent in cubic meters (m3). In this classification are small industrial and commercial users and all residential users classified by socioeconomic strata.

Natural or legal person whose consumption is over 100 thousand cubic feet per day (ft3d) or its equivalent in cubic meters (m3). At this level of consumption are the power plants based on gas (power plants) and large industrial and commercial users.

They can bring natural gas to end users (producers, transporters, distributors and marketers).

- Generators
- Conveyors
- Distributors
- Marketers
- Supervision and Control

Is head of the Superintendency of Domestic Public Services (SSPD), which monitors the behavior of agents and punishes violations of the laws and rules