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Structure of the sector

With the purpose of having the sector working and developing in the best way possible, a sketch that implicates the entities that produce energy, the entities that transport it, the entities that sell it, the entities that coordinate all the entities mentioned before, the entities that state general policies, the entities that make the standards to deliver good-quality products to a reasonable price and the entities that keep watch on everyone to have them obey all regulations.

POLICY The National Government is ordered to designing the policies of the sector, through The Ministry of Mines and Energy.

REGULATION The Commission of Energy and Gas Regulation (CREG) is the one in charge of regulating through juridical standards the users' behavior and the enterprises for the sake of assuring the fringe benefit of these public services in conditions of cost-reducing efficiency with the adequate coverage and quality of the service.

MARKET It is made up of the users that are classified as regulated, unregulated and agents.

REGULATED Native born or juridical person whose purchase of electricity is subjected to tariffs established by The Commission of Energy and Gas Regulation.

Here are most of commercial users, some industrialists, officers and the residential areas classified by socioeconomic strata.

UNREGULATED Native born or juridical person that require of superior energy than 2 Mega watts (2Mw). They can freely negotiate the costs of the activities related with the generation and commercialization of energy. At this level of consumption there are industrial consumers and commercial consumers which are big consumers.

AGENTS They make it possible to take the energy to the last user (generators, carriers, distributors, marketers and administrators).

- Generators

- Conveyor

- Distributors

- Marketers

- Administrators

CND The National Center of Dispatch brings about the market. Plans, supervises and controls the operation on the generation of resources, transmission and interconnection to guarantee a safe, reliable and cost-reducing operation

· ASIC It is the Administrator of the System of Commercial Interchanges. Person in charge of the record, liquidation of the long-term contracts, the transactions in the Stock Market and maintaining the information system of the Wholesale-Energy Market (MEM).

· LAC It is the liquidator and System-Accounts Administrator of the National Transmission entrusted to invoice, collecting payment and distributing the fees for use of The National Transmission System (STN).

SUPERVISION AND CONTROL It is in head of the Superintendence of Domiciliary Public Services (SSPD), in charge of watching the agents' behavior and sanctioning the violations to the laws and rules.