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Our history

We were born in 1994, when the Congress of the Republic, through laws 142 and 143, created the regulatory commissions, in order to regulate the activities of public utilities.
In that same year, the President of the Republic, by means of Decree 1524, established that the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission will exercise the functions indicated in article 23 of Law 143 of 1994 and then by Decree 2253 delegated to the Commission Of Energy and Gas Regulation, the presidential functions referred to in article 68, and the concordant SC provisions of Law 142 of 1994.
In 2011, with the issuance of Decree 4130, the National Government reassigned to CREG some functions related to the regulation of the activities of the derivative liquid fuels chain.
In order to fulfill these functions, the National Government, through Decree 1260 of 2013, modified the structure of the entity and incorporated to the same the functions related to the sectors of electric energy, fuel gas and derived liquid fuels.
CREG is an eminently technical entity and its objective is to ensure that electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquid fuels services are provided to as many people as possible, at the lowest possible cost to users and with An adequate remuneration for the companies that allows to guarantee quality, coverage and expansion.
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