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According to the acts 142 and 143 of 1994 the following functions have been assigned to the Commission of Energy and Gas Regulation:

Act 142 of 1994, Article 73. General functions and powers. The regulatory commissions have the task of regulating monopolies in the provision of utilities, when competition is not actually possible, and in other cases, to promote competition between utilities providers, so the operations of the monopolists or competitors be economically efficient, not involving abuse of dominant position, and producing quality services. To achieve it, they will have the following functions and special powers.

Prepare bills to be submitted to consideration of the government, and recommend the adoption of the implementing regulations needed.

Submit its regulation, to supervision of the Superintendent, and the regulations this act contains about rates, information, documents and contracts, to certain companies not considered utilities providers, but in which there is evidence that have performed or are preparing to perform one of the following behaviors:

  • Compete unfairly with the utilities providers;
  • Reduce the competition among utilities providers;
  • Abuse of a dominant position in the provision of goods or services similar to those they offer.


Define the efficiency criteria and develop indicators and models for evaluating the financial, technical and administrative management of the utilities providers and request the evaluations considered necessary for the exercise of their functions.

Set the quality standards which utilities providers must adhere in providing the service.

Define in which cases is necessary to submit to official standards the realization of construction, installation and equipments operation of the utilities providers to promote competence and prevent harm to third parties, and ask the relevant ministry to develop them when found to be necessary.

Establish the amount and conditions of the guarantees of seriousness which should be given by those who wish to enter into contracts of refundable supply.

Decide on appeals filed against their actions, or those of others, in cases stipulated by the law regarding to matters within its competence.